Project Info:

This website is a rebranding project created for training consultant Kristen Gallagher, owner of “Edify”. The project is done in Jekyll, ‘a simple, blog-aware, static site generator’. and features integration with Prose.io to enable Kristen to create, edit, and manage her own website content.

  • Completed on: May 15, 2017
  • Technology: Jekyll
  • Client: Edify

Project Discovery and Planning:

I had worked with Kristen in the past to teach her how to create a Jekyll project out of her previous WordPress site as a way to better understand Internet technology and gain more direct control over her site theme, layout, and content. Kristen contacted me some time later to say that she was ready to do some rebranding for her business and wanted to discuss doing this for her website as well.

User Group Analysis:

We met and went through a simple, but effective User Group Analysis process to analyze clients in her top two target demographics in order to identify;

  • why they would go to her site
  • what information they wanted from her site
  • what actions she wanted them to take

Using this information, we planned out each page of her website by drawing simple “wire frames” to describe the content layout and organization that would best meet the needs of her clients and achieve her business goals.

Logo Design and Branding

Kristen worked with a logo designer to create her new branding materials including website elements like colors, fonts, and logo formats.

Once her branding materials were complete, I put together an annotated list of themes that fit with her new branding for her to choose from. Once a theme was selected, we began to implement her new site.