About me

Erica LauerVose

UI Designer & Web Developer

I began my grown-up life working in nonprofits where I got a lot of experience working with people to design and implement programs to help communities. This involved a lot of engaged listening and discovery work to figure out what services were actually needed and wanted.

My adventure in the tech world started shortly after getting my MPA degree in 2013, when I realized I how much technology could help nonprofits expand their reach and impact to benefit communities. This led me to co-found a code school and then later become a technical education specialist for New Relic.

Somewhere along the way, I realized something very exciting – I really love building websites! As a consummate crafter of just about any medium I can get my hands on (yarn, fabric, wood, metal, paint, beads, … you name it. ) it was a very short leap from crafter in the physical world to digital crafter!
So now, almost five years later, I get to help people, teach, and craft beautiful websites for people!

Why work with me?

Because I love helping people figure out how to make their “digital storefront” not only beautiful and unique, but also functional and practical.

Making your website just right is fun for me and it should be fun for you too!

I believe websites should be:


Making websites doesn’t need to be stressful, mysterious, or outrageously expensive. I want you to feel comfortable with your website technology and will work with you to find the right tools and teach you what you want to learn.


Websites should have a well-organized UI (user interface) so people can intuitively find what they need.
Your website should clearly communicate your message and accomplish your goals.

The Right Fit.

It’s not just about the slickest features or the coolest design – I focus on finding the right fit for you; in terms of style and content organization.


I want your website to be more than just another “cookie-cutter” website.
I use professionally designed theme frameworks from curated collections to create a unique, modern, beautiful website that fit your style and branding.